Saturday Beer O’Clock Talk

I Love Chatsworth Road & Loupe Magazine

Our wonderful guest speakers Jörn Tomter and Luke Archer will present their self-produced and self-published magazines talking about their process and ambitions.

Inspired by our good friends Miniclick and Photo Forum talks, our Beer O’Clock Talk will consist of 2 x 15 minutes presentations followed up by a Q&A session.

Drinks will be available and both Luke and Jörn will be happy to chat in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Free Entry for all of Saturday Photo Boom evening program! 
18:30 until late
SPACE STUDIOS 129–131 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 3RH

A few years ago when my first son was born, I wanted to experience as much of his earlier years as I possibly could. I didn’t feel like traveling much, so I decided to look for a photography project close to home. I embarked on a mission to create a photographic archive of my new neighbourhood in East London. My aim was to photograph as many people and places as possible; I organised pop-up studios offering free portraits, photographed people in their homes, took pictures of shop owners and anything else that I found interesting. Hundreds of people have been photographed, and some, several times since I have started. As the project evolved, I decided I wanted to create a magazine to put the photos in, and now I am the publisher of a magazine released from time to time. I have discovered that there are always new things to explore on my doorstep and have made friends from all walks of life, whom I would never have met if it hadn’t been for this project. 

Loupe is a free photography magazine launched in May 2016.  Primarily featuring early and mid-career photographers, Loupe showcases engaging projects and stunning images.  With no theme each issue aims to celebrate the diversity of the medium. Loupe’s ethos is to be an approachable and encouraging publication, the team review and respond to all submissions and always offer feedback when asked. Loupe is distributed at photographic and publishing centric locations as well as events such as Format photography festival. Issue Four is set for release in May 2017 and the team are planning to expand the roster of stockist both nationally and internationally.