Slideluck Editorial



Slideluck Editorial is a platform that aims at showcasing the best photographic work from Slideluck events worldwide, and of providing tips and advice for the creation of effective multimedia storytelling.
Their mission is to give a credible space to photographers who want to experiment with this visual language, providing an inspirational and communal environment in which to learn.

Slideluck is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Since 2000, Slideluck has been bringing events that combine a multimedia slideshow with a potluck dinner to over 100 cities and communities all over the world.

Saturday 13th of May, starting at 8pm, we invite you to bring a dish to share with the other attendees. After some food entertainment, the lights will be dimmed and the projection will start. 


Multimedia on show:

Sofi Bensadon, Mujeres Constructoras
Alvaro Laiz, Wonderland
– Roberto Boccaccino, Potenza 100
Dalibor Talajic, Mountain Frame
Amak Mahmoodian, Shenasnameh
Agnese Morganti, Chinatown Lookbook
Sofía Alvarez Santaclara, Astigmata
Mar Martín, A.L.M.A.
Vincenzo Metodo, 3, The Soul Gear
Andrea Foligni, Apuan Carbonate

FREE Entry! Valid for all Saturday evening and night program!