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Tom Booth Woodger

Publisher & Designer – Bluecoat Press

 Tom is a designer and publisher based in London, UK.
Book design is his primary focus and is founded upon the belief that making a book is both collaboration and response. Working together with artists to make a publication relies upon exhausting all possibilities in order to arrive at a best possible final form for the work to exist in. Since 2022 he has been running Bluecoat Press, which is a London based publisher that specialises in making photo-books.
Moving forward Bluecoat Press is striving to be a positive force in the publishing industry, creating beautiful books to represent the voices of many different artists. Reaching beyond the arts and photography into the lives of people who cannot normally access books is something Bluecoat is aiming for as they grow.

Creating more accessibility to art is key to growing its uptake and involvement by future generations. A passion which Tom also brings into his personal practic In 2020 he co-founded Besides Press, a photobook publishing company which celebrates projects created with an impulsive curiosity, without deliberation and often without an audience in mind. This includes spontaneous side projects, playful collaborations, and offbeat experiments.

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