Space Studios, EAST LONDON
Friday 7th & Saturday 8th June 2019


Francesca Morosini

Senior Photo Editor – GQ and WIRED Italy

Francesca is a photo editor, journalist and documentary maker. Born in Pesaro she moved to Milan to live and work. In the early 90 she studied and graduated at the ICP in NYC. When Francesca moved back to Italy she started collaborating on documentaries and working with a range of clients as photo editor. In 2015 she worked as a digital photo editor with Matrix publishers and communication network In 2008 Francesca started working with Conde Nast as photo editor on Wired Italia, winning several international prizes including the SPD’s Best Magazine of the Year. She is currently the senior photo editor of GQ and Wired Italia. Between 2018 and 2019 she curated the documentary photography of “The man of the trees”, directed by Andrea Trivero and currently shortlisted in several international festivals. Francesca is also a dedicated activist for human rights, volunteering for Pacefuturo ngo looking after asylum seekers in Italy.